Constance Lecarde

The Iron Maiden


Constance Lecarde
a.k.a. The Iron Maiden
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Height: 5’8"
Eyes: Blue-Gray
Hair: Faded Blonde
Deity: Hoar, the Doombringer
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

*The Iron Maiden is a svelte yet nonetheless imposing figure wrapped in blackened steel and enveloping cloak and masked in iron. A fearsome helm, all angles, hides any sign of her features other than somber, soul searching steel blue eyes that smoulder with an inner fire. Her footsteps are a staccato percussion of iron tapping lightly on the ground, and her supple movements beget a faint rustling of chain. A long, dark crimson sheath hangs at her side, and opposite it a heavy tome is chained to her swordbelt. Her cloak has a high flared collar, and is blacker than Westgate’s starless night sky on the outer side, and darkest crimson on the inner side. Shadows seem to shift and crawl unnaturally around its edges as it flutters gently in the breeze coming off of the sea.

*Behind the mask, Constance Lecarde is a young woman with pale, milky white skin and a slender frame that belies a hidden strength. She is a somber figure with sad, steel blue eyes set in a narrow face framed by tangled locks of limp, flaxen yellow hair that flows to her shoulders. There are no pretenses to maintaining her appearance, and she lacks makeup or jewelry of any sort, save for a single golden ring that dangles from a thin chain around her neck.

The Origin of the Iron Maiden

Constance Lecarde

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