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  • Abbey of the Blinding Truth

    The Abbey of the Blinding Truth is a large fortified cathedral dedicated to Tyr. It houses the Order of the Blinding Truth, a new Tyrran monastic order meant to oppose criminal activity where it lurks.

  • Hammerbammer Blacksmithing and Forge

    This blacksmithy, owned by [[:borin-hammerbammer|Borin Hammerbammer]], sits on Westlight Walk. The smithy specializes in high-quality mundane tools, though Borin will take commissions for weapons or armor. The forge is capable of working in mithril and …

  • House of Spires and Shadows

    The House of Spires and Shadows is one of the only open temples to Mask, the deity of thievery, in the Realms. It sits near the city center, only two blocks away from the [[Abbey of the Blinding Truth]], which is entirely intentional on the part of the …

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