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  • Abbey of the Blinding Truth

    The Abbey of the Blinding Truth is a large fortified cathedral dedicated to Tyr. It houses the Order of the Blinding Truth, a new Tyrran monastic order meant to oppose criminal activity where it lurks.

  • Durgar the Just

    Croamarkh Durgar the Just is a priest of Tyr and, as croamarkh, elected head of the Council and effectively mayor of the city. While dedicated to the principles of Tyr, the croamarkh has demonstrated willingness to accommodate political considerations …

  • Grigor Khazar

    High Lord Abbot Grigor Khazar oversaw both the construction of the Abbey of the Blinding Truth and the formation of the order of monks that inhabits it, which bear the same name as their home. He spends his time lobbying the members of the Council to …

  • Gaheris Trollbane

    Lord Gaheris, called the Trollbane, is a ranking paladin of Tyr and peer of the Just God's church, who has chosen to make his base of operations in the temple of his home city of Westgate, the Abbey of the Blinding Truth. While part of neither the Order …

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